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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letting the kids help with housework

You know creating a balance throughout the day in chores, homeschooling, mommy duties, cooking, cleaning, wife duties, taking care of Mom can be challenging. I do a pretty good job of it, but I still struggle with my never ending to do list I have going on not only in my head, but also on my computer. Seems like there is always something I want to do.

My biggest challenge through out my day is incorporating the kids into cooking, cleaning etc. I have finally figured out that they really only want to do a little bit (they're 3 & 6). So that is what I give them. When cooking they get to stir or my son now can chop while I do the rest. Even if my daughter is only stirring a bowl of water with a bit of flour in it.

With laundry, my son puts all his clothes away. Now it is not in any way neat and perfect, but it is all his. One less for me to do. He also picks up dog poop, wipes the bathroom counter and does numerous amounts of easy little chores to help mommy out. My daughter helps me fold undies during laundry time. Again, who really cares how they look in the drawer.I guess all in all, even though in some cases it does take a bit longer or not as neat or clean to have them help, they really appreciate the time we allow them to help and they remember it.

We just baked cookies the other day. Boy were they lop-sided and funny looking, but they were both so proud when Daddy came home.My advice...let them help. They will remember it for a life time. I know I remember the times my mom let me help when I was a kid!!!!

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