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Friday, September 26, 2008

Can Homeschooling an public education Coexist

Andrea Hermitt from the Education Examiner wrote a great short article with a question. Homeschoolers like to point out problem with public schools. Public educators want to call homeschoolers out of touch.
But can Homeschooling an public education Coexist? think it can. Otherwise, why would I as a homeschooler write a blog on education?

Costco this month did nothing to help the rift by writing a story and posting a survey on whether or not homeschoolers should be regulated.
Setting the socialization and school dangers aside. Do you think homeschooling and public school can coexist. Please utilize the comments section. Let's talk.

So my comment back to her was as follows.....

Absolutely homeschoolers and public schoolers can coexist. There will always be people who do not have the time, will power or desire to homeschool as well as there will be those who feel it in the best interest to homeschool.

Here's the tricky part...Leave eachother alone!!!! Let us homeschoolers be. Look at the statistics and realize that we educate our kids very well and they come out to be great educated, well rounded and socialized human beings, just like some of presidents of the past. Homeschoolers leave public schoolers alone. Realize that those parents are just as good a parent as the next. Their kids will come out just just fine. Hey most of us homeschooler were public schooled children, right? And look at us today! And for the few % of each group that gives each group a bad name, well so be it. There will always be the bad apple falling from the tree that some reporter will pick up on and then completely tear apart in the media.

As a homeschooler I realize that some public school parents actually homeschool after their kids come home from school. If only they would realize that for themselves. Those kids are the ones, I feel, that do not have as much of the educational problems that we see so much of in our public schools. Those kids most likely do not have as much of the social problems either because of a closer bond with their parents.

Well, I guess my point in long is..."Can't we all just get along?"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best Place To Teach Children Is In The HOME

I found the greatest article on homeschooling. It sums it all up in a very brief article!!!!!

The FamilymanTodd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

After a quick Google search, I found that the term Home Economics was coined in 1899. I'm guessing that some pubic school brainiac officials decided that school needed to be more like home. I assume the thinking went along these lines: "Ladies and gentlemen . . . academics are not enough. Our young women need to learn the valuable skills of preparing meals and managing a home. I suggest that we teach homemaking skills and call it something institutional sounding like . . . home economics. Ooo, we could even shorten it to Home Ec. All in favor say, 'Aye.'"

Since then, public and private schools have not only been teaching Home Ec, but in recent times they have also modeled THEIR schools after what we already do in our homes. They let their students build things with wood and metal and call it "industrial arts." They have turned finger painting into "art class." They call playing, "gym" and "recess." They plant gardens, go on nature walks, and teach children how to get along with each other.

In short, they KNOW that the best place to teach children is in the HOME and have spent the last 100 years now trying to make their schools more like it.

In light of that, why do we homeschoolers try to make OUR homes like THEIR schools?? We need to stop and do what we do best. So, Mom and Dad, let's teach our children to cook, clean, and care for the needs of our home and those who live in it . . . but please, PLEASE don't call it Home Ec. It's just home.Be real,Todd

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Old School House Focus Group

Yea, I was excepted to the focus group. I am so excited. I can not wait to start giving my opinion on homeschooling products. I can make a difference in the homeschool community! YEA!

I am so looking forward to reading and looking and trying all the great new products that are going to coming out. This should be fun and exciting and I know Vincent will get a kick out of trying some of the curriculum. Plus this will give me a heads up a new stuff to buy for next year!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I can not wait to start! So stop by often to see my reviews of products that you may be interested in yourself!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Extra Activities, Helping or Hindering?

You know Heart of the Matter asked a very good question. Do all the extra activities WE have our children do help or hinder our family time. I am going to make it real sweet and simple. Hinder.

I know some mothers who have their child in a cooking class, (like she can't teach her child that at home), soccor, art class and dance class. Plus they are in public school 5 days a week until almost 3:00. WOW! I do not know any adult who does that much. We are pushing and pushing and pushing our children to do more and more. What is wrong with a child just sitting back at home with Mom and Dad reading a book or baking cookies (cooking class) or playing ball in the back yard (soccor) or making a birthday card for a Friend (art) etc?

I am not saying that we should not have our kids in any classes. If one of my kids really had a thing for baseball, of course I would have them play. But I think we put too many demands on our children at such an early age. And then we wonder why at age 10 they do not talk to us about sex or problems. Well, we have not had the time to build a relationship like the ones they have built with their Friends for 10 hours a day.

I thin having your child learn new things from outside sources is fantastic. I have done an art class and t-ball. But when it gets to the point that your child is out 4 days a week doing extra curricular activities, I feel there needs to be a re-evaluation of why? Why is it so important to you the parent or the child to be away from the family so much. And what kind of long term effect with this have on them? Will they grow up to feel like they have to stay busy busy busy every moment of they day that they end up with a heart attack at age 40 from stress?

As far as our extra activities. Every other Thursday we have park day then on the off Thursdays we have a moms group at church. Then every other Friday we have an art class taught by a homeschool mom. And of course he see his friends in after school a few times a week. Nice a low key and stress free!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ok, so I am not that savvy on politics. Never have been! But I really think this year is soooo very important. Now most of you know I am very conservative so obviously I like McCain. He is a TRUE American. He LOVES our country and will lay down his life for it. Well, he already has laid down his life for us. When he is asked a question he answers it with a simple yes or no and then proceeds to explain his answer. I like that. However I am not extremely happy with his choice of vice pres. A couple of things. One she is a woman. I know weird coming from a woman. Two she has not had too many years experience. SO that worries me a bit since McCain is older. But I am sure she will do a fine job.

I have such a huge problem with Obama. First when he is asked a question he evades the answer by giving a song and dance. So by the time he's done you really are not 100% sure what the answer is or even remember what the question was. Just say Yes or No Obama! I don't like him because....
1. He is for gay marriage
2. he is for abortion throughout a pregnancy. That means if you are 7 months prego you CAN abort. Can you say murder!
3. He want to raise taxes
4. He is going to give illegal aliens MY social security. Ok, maybe not mine, but our current parents. With that we for sure will not have any for us when we get older.
5. He is against making English the official language of the USA. Come on we live in USA, not Korea, Mexico, Turkey or where ever. I am not saying that those who speak a foreign language can't speak it, but at least try to learn English. My friends mother is from Japan. In 9 months time she can hold a conversation with me never speaking the language before she moved here. Not that commitment. Go girl!
6. He has never served in the military of the USA. 22 years for McCain. True lover of America. That should be something all presidents have to do...serve in the military for at least 3 years.
7. He has only been in the senate for less then a year. If I am not mistaken I think McCain has been for 20 some odd years.
8. He want judges to make the laws instead of interrupting it as written in current laws. The law is the law. If we allow just anyone to make new laws as they see fit, then why even have voting.
9. He does not want to drill for oil here in USA. Does he not pay for gas?? Guess not!

So those are just a few reason I don't like Obama. I really could care less about skin color or race or gender. Who cares. If you can do the job then race or gender does not matter. I want in office an American that will stand up for our country, make the changes that need to be made so us middle class people are not loosing 1/2 our paychecks to the government. That believes in wearing the AMERICAN flag, who Will say the pledge of allegiance. I can not see a president up there in office who does not believe in America. Now I do not know Obama and what goes on in his head or where his heart is, but from some of his action....Well, lets just say, actions speak louder then words!

As for now, I will pray that God puts the right man in office. The man who will better our country, not take it down the toilet and make all the other countries laugh at us. Well, I need to step down off my high horse now.

I can't Attitude

You know what bothers me the most about homeschooling? The I can't Attitude my son has sometimes. I think if he were in public school he would be in so much trouble all the time, teased, in the principles office etc. I can ask him what 2 + 2 is and he'll answer without any hesitation, then 5 minutes later he can not tell me the answer. What is that? This morning we were doing a little review on math and he was doing great then all of the sudden I asked him what comes before 78 counting by 2's and his brain was gone. The whining started and the "It's too hard" attitude . What the heck is that? Or we will be reading and he'll be doing great then all of the sudden he will look at the word "the" and say "run". I don't get it. Everyday I pray for patience with that. This morning I did not pray before we got started and it showed. I was so ticked off at him. But, by the grace of God we kissed and made up. And low and behold once he realized I was really mad...He was able to do the problem plus 4 more real easy. I don;t get it. I am going to have to do some research on this matter. I can not be the only one out there that goes through this. Am I?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

School starting

Well, its that time of year again. School is starting for us on the 15th. I have to admit this year I am a little scared. Sounds funny coming from me. Well, even though Vincent is in 2nd grade because of his age this is the first year I have to register with the state of California. I am nervous. I have no idea how the school district by me feels towards homeschoolers. Do they get a list of all of us and rock our boats or do they not care one way or another. This is the year that everything really starts to matter! Well, I know this sounds so silly to worry about, but I do not want to be one of those that gets hounded by the school board all the time. Which now I have to sign up for HSDLA.
By the way, if any of you who read this and homeschool do not belong to it. It is so cheap and they are there for you day and night if for any reason someone should come a knocking on your door. Here is their site. Check it out.
Anyway, keep me in your prayers to stop the worry and move on! Have a happy school year.

Shes OK

Yea,! She is ok. She is back to normal now. Thank God. looks like it might have been a reaction to her estrogen! Now after reading the warnings on the package it said it can cause stroke, loss of speech, weakness on one side etc. All signs of a stroke and all the signs she had. So with a lot of prayer from family, friends and church, she is great now. Thanks to all you who prayed for her!