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Friday, April 24, 2009

Menu planning E-Book

I got the opportunity to review a great little e-book called Menu Planning: How to plan menus for a whole month and enjoy it. First I have to say that Sheri Graham, the author, must have been in my house and watched what I do for menu planning. As I was reading this delightful e-book, I realized this was almost exactly the way I do menu planning. So with that said, you can probably figure out that I loved this e-book. Let me give you some highlights form her insightful e-book. She will cover How to Plan for a Whole Month Worth of Meals, How to Collect All Those Favorite Recipes, Money Saving Tips From Her Family to Yours as well as Making Your Master Shopping List. And she even gives you some blank forms for you to fill out.

This is a very easy quick read, but packed full of terrific information for those of you who would like to stop going to the grocery store so often and start menu planning for your families. This would have been such a helpful book for me when I was trying to figure out how to put together menu plans years ago. Menu planning has worked very well for my budget as well as my family so I know that this little e-book will help tremendously to start you on that time saving aspect of homemaking...Menu Planning.

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