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Monday, June 1, 2009

I Wanna Be A Chef Unit Study

I found out one of my friends older kids who happens to be in public school was going to have a career day. So, I was thinking to myself…as a Homeschooler, how do I go about having a so called career day for my children later on as they get older. I want them to know about all the different careers and opportunities that are out there for them to choose from. Then, as good as God is, he plops this review in my lap. And what does it happen to be? A unit study on the Career of a Chef.

The answer to my question I was having about the career day for my children is the Wanna Be series from The Old Schoolhouse. In this case I received the When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Chef unit study. And this is just one of many to come. Now this is not just a typical eBook of what a chef does for a living, but an actual full, complete unit study with math, history, science, penmanship, copy work, bible memory verses, coloring pages, activities, recipes and more.

You know my kids, 4 and 7, are constantly changing their minds about what they want to do when they grow up. This series gives your children a look into the life a chef. When I Grow Up I Wanna Be….. series gives you the opportunity to direct some of those wanna be careers into a great unit study. It gives your children an opportunity to take a look at the careers around us. Or even look at some of the so called behind the scenes careers. The ones you tend to rely on and love, but may not think about right away. Or better yet, if your child is showing a love for something like cooking, then this series will help your child to reflect on all the aspects of the career he may have chosen for himself.

This unit study is perfect for ages 5 up. The questions at the end of the unit were graduated questions. Some were perfect for my son, 7, while others might be more for a 10 or 12 year old. I just adapted some of the older questions for my son as well as you can adapt the younger questions for you older children. But here is the great thing. I learned a few new things form the I Wanna Be A Chef unit study myself. Then at the end of the information pages there were plenty of activities to do. My favorite one was the Importance of Hand Washing experiment. WOW, did that bring hand washing to a better light for my kids. And my 4 year old daughter loved to make that chefs hat. Moreover, there is plenty of resources, web sites, books etc., given to us for more information regarding the career of a chef. I like that because I really do not have the time to sit on the internet and waft through 1000’s of website to collect more information. But remember that this unit study is a complete unit study. Chef Katherine Afendoules-Emmenegger, the writer, has given you everything you need to complete this study without ever turning on your computer. But if you want more, just turn to page 67.

All in all this unit study is a great series for home schooling as well as all parents to invest in. Hey looking towards the future of our children and helping them to make a career choice that they are good at, can make money at, they love but also a career that God will direct them to is what we as parents want for our kids future. That’s what the Wanna Be Series is all about. Opening the eyes up to all that is available out there for them and helping to learn the basics of that career. “This could be the spark that ignites the fire of interest for your child—and who knows what path it may take!”


Anonymous said...

Just wndering if this is appropriate for 8-9th graders, or if it's a little too young?
Thanks for your relpy!

Kristin said...

This might be a bit too easy for a 9th grader all by itself. However, it would be a great stepping block for them to guide them as they study the career of their choice more deeply on theit own.