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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hair Cut and a Shave

You know I use to color my hair and have highlights put in. Yea, that was well over $125 every 6 weeks. Yes, you guessed it, I am back to my natural color. I was always jealous that my husband could go and get a hair cut for $20.00.. Well, now I am even more jealous. We have found a barber that will cut men’s hair for even cheaper. And we are not talking about a designer 2 hour in the chair cut with a head massage etc. We are talking about a quick no frills cut that when you leave you look good, you still have money in your pocket and it is close to home.
Kay Mar Hair Cut is the place to go. They are located on Tustin Ave in Orange across the street from Home Depot. They have been there for 46 years. Can you believe that? Now a days it is hard to find companies that are able to withstand the test of time. Now here is the kicker. When they started their hair cuts were only a $1.00. So now you are asking yourself so how much would it be 46 years later? $5.75. I guess it only averages a $1.00 increase every 10 years. Not bad!

Can you believe it? I still can not. My husband and son have been going here for a haircut for about 7 haircuts now. Somehow we get the same guy for my husband, so he really knows us now.. When you walk in you will be greeted by a friendly smile from one of the barbers and a reminder to grab a number. Then sit and wait for a few minutes while they finish up a few other patrons. Every time we have gone there it has always been packed, but fear not, we have never waited more then about 15 minutes. One other thing you will be greeted with when you walk in is all the patches all over the walls. It started a few years back. The barber is one of the safest places because a lot of off duty officers come in to get their hair cut. The patches represent just some of the officer and firemen and even a few military people that have getting their hair cut at Kay Mar Barbers.

There is just one small draw backs with this place. The parking. Depending on when you go, it can be tough to get a spot to park. So far we have not really had too much problem, but if you do there is a parking lot directly across Taft street. All in all, I would love for you to take the boys in your life and give this place a try. It really is a great bargain and a great hair cut. SO remember it is on the corner of Tustin Ave and Taft in the city of Orange.

I give this a 8 out of 10

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