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Monday, February 23, 2009


So let me tell you about SpellQuizzer. This is a computer-based program where you enter the child's spelling list and make audio recordings of the words. Then it quizzes the child, playing each word back to him one at a time, checking his spelling as he types in the words. Or you can type in clues to the words if you do not have a microphone available to you. Now when I first got it I did not have a microphone. So I decided to do the clue thing. Uuhh…NO! My son reads, but not well enough so this frustrated him. So I stole my husband microphone and recorded the spelling list. Now he loves it.

OK, I have to admit when I got SpellQuizzer to review I was very skeptical. I thought, man it will take my son forever to do a 20 word/sentence spelling test (yes, I give him sentences with the spelling word in it to type out. This works on punctuation and capitalization too). I did not think it would be worth the money or time to input the spelling words each time! Well, I was both right and wrong. Yes it does take him a bit longer on the computer then to write it on paper, but well worth it. Why you ask? Great question! He is learning keyboarding! Killing two birds with one stone. Plus he associates the computer with a fun time so this was perfect. When I introduced it to him he was excited that he did not have to write out his spelling words anymore!

Typically I would read the words one at a time while he writes them down. If your kid is like mine this is more of a chore for him. With the SpellQuizzer I spend one day a week inputting the spelling lists and then each day he goes to the computer and does his spelling for that day. And I love the fact that when he types in a word that is incorrect it shows the incorrect and correct word right away. Then after he is all done with the test, he can go back and re-do all the ones he got wrong.

The program is very easy to run. You have a couple of choices when you load up SpellQuizzer. You can take a quiz, Make a list, and Edit a list or Import/Export a list. It is that simple. My son picked up on it with only one explanation.

OK, you guessed it I really like the program. However, there is always room for improvement. The one thing I would like to see is a parent area where we can go in and see the progress of each test they have taken. I have been just asking him how it went or watching him and of course he tells me, but it would be nice to just take a peak at the score and the words he missed.

So for only $29.95 you can have a spelling program for your whole family. Hey, if you are unsure you can pop over to their web site and take a look at some screen shots or even watch a video demo and you can even get a free trial to see if you like it. And last but not least they even help you get started with some free spelling lists you can download. I think you will love it as much as we have.


kathy said...

Thanks so much for this info. I read the words to my youngest son and he would love it this way. I'm on my way to check it out

Heidi said...

We are liking this program too!

I've given you award! Check it out at: