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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Won tickets to the HOTM Convention

I have told so many of my home school friends about the Heart of the Matter Home school Convention going on at the end of this month. Well they were holding a contest last week for 5 ladies to win free tickets. Guess what???? I won. I am so excited. The line up of speakers sound incredible. the ones I am most interested in is the "Hands on History" with Amy Pak and "Teach Me Timeliness" with Amy Pak and also "Learning and Having Fun With Your Children" with Loree Pettit.

I am so thankful for winning. I am hoping that with this conference being held in my home (via Internet) maybe my husband can join me on a few of these seminars. He loves me homeschooling and would not want them to be educated any other way, but it sure would be nice to spark a fire under him to want to teach a subject or two. Or to be just a little more hands on with us. So maybe this will do it. I pray! Here is the link once more for those of you who want to join me at the conference in your PJ's.

Thanks again HOTM for making me a winner in more ways then one.

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