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Sunday, July 6, 2008

More details about me

I finally did it. I got a blog. You see I have actually had this blog for about 6 months, but forgot about it. Can you imagine. I have been reading and posting information on other peoples blogs and completely forgot about my own. So here it is and I am going to start from the beginning I guess. Now will I post daily like some...probably not. I am not fortunate enough to have time to sit around and post on a daily basis. But I do have time to put in a note here and there or a rant and rave about a subject. So here we go!!!

Hi! My name is Kristin Nitz and I love scrapbooking, card making and my family. I have been happily married since 1986 and I have a son Vincent (2002) and a daughter Raquel (2005). I’ve been scrapbooking since 1999, but have been a preserving photographs and crafting since I was a teenager.

I started my own small card making business in 2006 called and have enjoyed making cards for different companies and individuals around the central Orange county area and through my internet presence. A few of my favorite scrapbooking embellishments are brads and eyelets, (by far my favorite) glitter, stamps, ribbon, and Buttons. My style? Well, eclectic I would have to say. I’m not fond of cluttered pages with lots and lots of stuff on them. I like them clean with more pictures then embellishments, well most of the time. I guess I’m kind of all over the place with my style. But isn’t that the beauty of scrapbooking. You can have so many styles in one book and it’s OK! I don’t journal much, because I firmly believe that the pictures and the layout should tell the story. With the exception to a caption and a date. But every so often there is so much to say about a certain picture or event I just have to put pen to paper and of course in my own handwriting. I don’t really look thru books and magazines too much. Most of my inspiration comes from the great outdoors or things I see around town.

I can’t image a week without making a card or scrapping something. It’s relaxing and most of all I am recording a legacy for my family. Something our forefathers tried to do with those old black albums, but we in the 21st century have been give the opportunity to put a historical archive and lineage in every home and preserve it correctly. We are able to tell the world about the story of our lives and that of important people around us no matter how significant. We are all beautiful in our amazing scrapbooks and ALL scrapbooks are beautiful. I tell everyone, that they can scarp no matter what. You don’t have to follow a certain pattern or rule, just your heart. With a few simple tips, tricks and techniques your vision will materialize right before your eyes and your books will turn out beautiful! You too can be a scrapbooker!

I am also a Homeschool Mom. I'm trying to bring my kids up in a Godly education learning the earth was made by "God", not chance, the earth is NOT a billion years old, we walked with dinosaurs, God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And we will go to heaven if only we love, believe and walk with God according to His word.

Socialization? Picture This one....There are a few girls (age 12) that are gathered around a popular girls locker. A less popular girl walks by and one of them makes a snicker and says "Ooh my Gosh, look at her dress!!!! Gross!" This is a scenario played out daily in our schools. Kids feel valued by the way they dress, the conformity to media driven standards and by what the other kids say about them. Look at a typical homeschooled girl. This girl may still have that awkward feeling all us girls have at age 12, but she knows how to socialize with kids her own age as well as younger kids (example: because she is taught to help her younger brother with his school work), teenagers (because all aged kids are together at our social circles) and in conversation with adults (because they're around them all day not just at dinnertime during that awkward silence). So she now she has an ability to communicate effectively with everyone instead of age-segregated socialized communication we have in most of our schooled children.

I have to give an example of one of my long time good friends. Now First let me say she is a wonderful, awesome and beautiful woman. However, and she will admit it too, she is not a social butterfly by any means. Was she homeschooled? NO! Public schooled. She was the type to sit by herself in a corner or in the library. Never went to parties etc. She did not like to socialize with other kids except for the couple of close friends she had. So now the questions of we need to put our kids in school for socialization, well did not work for her.

I am going to use that same friend. We now have the argument of child abuse. "Well, if we have kids in school then the teachers can watch out for child abuse." Well, let me tell you about that same friend. Not one teacher knew that her father beat the crap out of her almost daily! Not one teacher cared to know why her tooth was broken etc. So, please do not give me the bull that keep them in school to keep them from child abuse. Give me a break!!! Parents who do that hide it WELL!!!! Beside, do really think that a child abuser is going to go thru all the loops we jump thru as homeschoolers just to keep their kid home so they can beat them. Yea right!

Socialization? Yea, I worry about it! I worry about the teacher who is a child molester but has not been caught as of yet. Or the principle (current news). I worry about the bully beating up on kids who look different or just for walking by them. I worry about the drugs & alcohol being pushed by peers. Yea my husband and I know about this one first hand. I worry about the sex kids are having on the back of the bus. But lets not forget that a lot of kids feel that going down on a boy is NOT sex. Thanks Mr. President! I worry about the confusion of un-teaching things our family do not agree with that are being taught as FACT in our schools. I worry about condoms given to kids at 10 yrs old and telling them to just be more careful. Socialization? Yea, I worry about it!!! As we all should!

Please do not get me wrong. I do not blame most of the teachers for this. I am friends with many teachers! Most of our teachers care and are great and awesome teachers, but they can only do what they are told to do and no more for fear of their jobs. They can only do so much and watch so much when their school rooms are filled above capacity 30+ kids per teacher. You may have a public school with all Christian teachers, but they still can not say the pledge with the word God in it if the school does not allow them too. They still have to hand out condoms if that is what they are told to do. They still have to have gay pride day if they school wants to push early sex education on kindergartners. Where as the homeschooled kids can be one on one or 4 on one if you have a big family. We can teach or not teach gay pride. We can say God and teach the Bible. And most off the kids can go to the bathroom without worry about the hall bully stopping them and stealing their lunch money!

So am I ranting? Yea maybe, but at least I can stand up for what I believe in and not feel scared of the criticism that some of you who read this may have for me. Lets re-evaluate in 15 years when all our kids are grown. Lets see where each kid goes in life and what each one believes in. Remember we are raising the future. If we want a bunch of adults who are scared to speak out for their own beliefs or who's morals are really all messed up, then that what you need to start teaching today. Cause what we teach today is what we will reap tomorrow.

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