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Monday, July 21, 2008

Satan Get Out of my Heart, Head and House

I have figured out that something is very wrong with me lately. I am not exactly sure what it is, but it is getting to me. Everything is bugging me. I am moodier then usual and grumpy most of the time. Sad most of the day and just down right DOWN. ball I want to do is sleep, eat and read. Yes I said read for those of you who have known me for a very long long time. I don't want to see my friends, go out or do anything

I finally decided today that I need to pray about this attitude change I have been having. Yes I know...duh! But for those of us that are a bit slow, it was a revelation. So I am in the process of praying as well as in the process of continued prayer of Gods armor.

I have also realized lately that I have felt closer and closer to God. In the last 18 years or so that I have been a Christian there have been a few times that I have questioned myself and my faith. Mainly when I was a new Christian. But I have really noticed since I have started homeschooling that I am getting to the point that I can not go a moment in my day without talking with God. I find myself praying for guidance, wisdom, safety all day long. Short little prayers all day. And you know what....I love it. This is the best feeling to know He is listening and walking with me all day long. Even when things are just not right!

I have never felt the way I feel today about my Lord and savior. I want every thing I look at, read, watch, say and do to glorify the Lord. Including what i teach my kids. All the new curriculum is all Christin based. I have chosen to use mainly Rod and Staff this year just because of the wonderful Biblical based reading books they have.

This is why this terrible attitude I have lately is really bugging me. I feel closer then ever to God and here I am angry and down most of the day. What the heck is wrong with me? Ahhh! The Bible says that when we are in a close relationship with our Lord that Satan will try to divide it. What better way then to divide me against my family. To prove to my family that I am a hypocrite and God is not walking side by side with us! Well, Satan.....GET OUT of my HOME, HEART and HEAD!
There, now it's not only been said by my lips but in writing too. I will keep praying that the Lord will deliver me from this terrible attitude and that he will help me to find peace. But for those of you who may read this, I ask that you pray too not just for me, but for all those people out there who are troubled with Satan being in their house too.

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