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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swimming day

My son seems to amaze me every day. Today we went to a friends house and Vincent and Raquel went swimming. Now my son finally has gotten up the guts to swim in the deep end. YEA!!! I knew it would happen sooner or later. Today he actually dived into the deep end and I mean DIVED. The first time scared me to death cause I did not know if he dove in or fell in, but when he came up giggling, I sat back and just smiled. I was so proud of him. He is just like me. I never had real swimming lesson, but just kinda caught on as time went on. And looks like he is a quick learner too.

Now Raquel on the other hand...well lets just say she is toooo daring for her own good. If I did not sit next to her the whole time she would have been in the deep end 6 feet under the water. I know all the other moms were muttering about me not being social with them cause I was next to the pool watching her swim the whole time, but my daughters life is way too important to me then what other people think.

Once again, I was pushed into the homeschool corner today. You know I wish other parents would mind their own business. You don't see all us homeschoolers trashing public schooled parents to their face. Then why is it they feel like we homeschoolers have no feelings? That they can trash us right to our face and tell us in not so many words that we are bad parents and our kids are not "socialized"? Got to read my post entitled "MORE DEATILS ABOUT ME ". Go to the blog archive if you want to read it. This will give you a small picture of my view of public school. Oh well, I guess that's why God gave all of us homeschoolers such think skin!

Anyway, I am so glad the kids had such a great time today. Vincent and Raquel got to "Socialize" (said with sarcasm) and got to go swimming and beat the heat. Sometimes I really wish we had a pool, but who the heck can afford to put one in? Not me. I got a qoute once...$225000. Yea right!!!!

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