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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artistic Pursuits: the Art curriculum for Creativity

Artistic Pursuits: the Art curriculum for Creativity. That is their title. You know what? It fits perfectly. I received Grades K-3 Book One. An Introduction to Visual Arts. After just 2 lessons I realized that this was a wonderfully gentle introduction not only to art but famous art pieces and artists.

I have been trying to do art studies, but just have not been able to put my finger on how to go about doing it. In the K-3 Book One each lesson has a copy of a beautiful piece of artwork and asks the child a few questions about this piece of art as well as give a few tid-bits about the artwork and/or artist. The thing is that this helps me to ask a few more questions and sometimes I will look up the piece or artist and give even a little bit more info to my children, which in turns we are now doing a mini art history study. Then to add to it, we get create our own picture to go along with that artist/artwork we studied today.

The main three topics are:
What Artists Do
What Artists See
Where We Find Art

If you are looking for a gentle approach to art and want to add a little art appreciation into an art lesson, Artistic Pursuits is a great program. I was looking over some of their other title. You have to check them out for the older kids too. Looks like their workbooks for the older kids are really kid directed. Another words, each lesson is written so the student can complete the work without a parent directing every step. I like that. I will for sure be continuing on with their art books.

As far as price, well, it is a bit pricey at $42.95, but you do get 32 lessons with the book I received and if you consider the thought of classes this is pretty cheap. At any rate, if you are just not an artist and want to incorporate art into your homeschool, this is probably a really good fit for you. Go check them out and see for yourself. They have plenty of samples for you to look at.

8 out of 10

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