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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homeschooling in the Woods

If you love to lapbook, you will LOVE this product.

Homeschool in the Woods sent to me the New Testament Lapbook. I already had purchased the Old Testament and loved it, but then to be so lucky as to get to review the New Testament one too. WOW! Lucky me!

Amy Pak is the creator of this wonderful product. She has impressed me with her knowledge of history, her customer service, and her products and how complete the materials are as well as all the information and resources she gives you on her site for free.

A few of the things that is included in the New Testament Lap books are:
The Lineage of David,
The Birth of Jesus
The Beatitudes
Fruits of the Spirit (my daughter favorite project)
And much, much more

Not only does she give you all the things you need to put this lapbook together, but also she then gives you extra projects to do. For only $19.95 for CD or $18.95 for download, you cannot go wrong! Now for my Old Testament I got the CD and for the New I go the downloadable version. Really depends on you and what you like, Personally CD for me, but with download you get it instantly!
Check out Homeschooling In The Woods site. I think you will be more then impressed in all that you get with ALL Homeschooling in the Woods products. They have many wonderful products to assist you in your history assignments to make HISTORY COME ALIVE!

10 out of 10

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