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Monday, March 9, 2009

One 2 Believe - Noah's Ark

One 2 Believe has shipped to me once again. YEA!!!! So far we have NOT been disappointed by any of their products. They are of great quality and will withstand time and time again of play.

This time they shipped to us Noah's Ark. This was a great way for them to have pretend play while still learning more about Noah. The Noah's Ark play set is a great way to strengthen the Noah's Ark story with your kids. Kids remember better when they have something to play with in their hands. Oh and they can take this in the tub with them too. I actually was not going to do this until I read another of my co-TOS reviewers review that said that they tried this. This Ark is part of their Tales of Glory collection and you get of course a Noah, 7 pairs of animals, and a big ark that you can store all the figures in.

For $29.99 you have a great toy that will last for a very long, long time and withstand several children playing. It will help you to relive the Noah story with your children and who knows maybe you can build a curriculum around the animals too. Oh, and did I mention I belong to a playgroup that meets 2x a month. I brought this to the playgroup and it was an INSTANT SUCCESS!

10 out of 10

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