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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best Place To Teach Children Is In The HOME

I found the greatest article on homeschooling. It sums it all up in a very brief article!!!!!

The FamilymanTodd Wilson, Familyman Ministries

After a quick Google search, I found that the term Home Economics was coined in 1899. I'm guessing that some pubic school brainiac officials decided that school needed to be more like home. I assume the thinking went along these lines: "Ladies and gentlemen . . . academics are not enough. Our young women need to learn the valuable skills of preparing meals and managing a home. I suggest that we teach homemaking skills and call it something institutional sounding like . . . home economics. Ooo, we could even shorten it to Home Ec. All in favor say, 'Aye.'"

Since then, public and private schools have not only been teaching Home Ec, but in recent times they have also modeled THEIR schools after what we already do in our homes. They let their students build things with wood and metal and call it "industrial arts." They have turned finger painting into "art class." They call playing, "gym" and "recess." They plant gardens, go on nature walks, and teach children how to get along with each other.

In short, they KNOW that the best place to teach children is in the HOME and have spent the last 100 years now trying to make their schools more like it.

In light of that, why do we homeschoolers try to make OUR homes like THEIR schools?? We need to stop and do what we do best. So, Mom and Dad, let's teach our children to cook, clean, and care for the needs of our home and those who live in it . . . but please, PLEASE don't call it Home Ec. It's just home.Be real,Todd

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