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Friday, September 26, 2008

Can Homeschooling an public education Coexist

Andrea Hermitt from the Education Examiner wrote a great short article with a question. Homeschoolers like to point out problem with public schools. Public educators want to call homeschoolers out of touch.
But can Homeschooling an public education Coexist? think it can. Otherwise, why would I as a homeschooler write a blog on education?

Costco this month did nothing to help the rift by writing a story and posting a survey on whether or not homeschoolers should be regulated.
Setting the socialization and school dangers aside. Do you think homeschooling and public school can coexist. Please utilize the comments section. Let's talk.

So my comment back to her was as follows.....

Absolutely homeschoolers and public schoolers can coexist. There will always be people who do not have the time, will power or desire to homeschool as well as there will be those who feel it in the best interest to homeschool.

Here's the tricky part...Leave eachother alone!!!! Let us homeschoolers be. Look at the statistics and realize that we educate our kids very well and they come out to be great educated, well rounded and socialized human beings, just like some of presidents of the past. Homeschoolers leave public schoolers alone. Realize that those parents are just as good a parent as the next. Their kids will come out just just fine. Hey most of us homeschooler were public schooled children, right? And look at us today! And for the few % of each group that gives each group a bad name, well so be it. There will always be the bad apple falling from the tree that some reporter will pick up on and then completely tear apart in the media.

As a homeschooler I realize that some public school parents actually homeschool after their kids come home from school. If only they would realize that for themselves. Those kids are the ones, I feel, that do not have as much of the educational problems that we see so much of in our public schools. Those kids most likely do not have as much of the social problems either because of a closer bond with their parents.

Well, I guess my point in long is..."Can't we all just get along?"

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