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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ok, so I am not that savvy on politics. Never have been! But I really think this year is soooo very important. Now most of you know I am very conservative so obviously I like McCain. He is a TRUE American. He LOVES our country and will lay down his life for it. Well, he already has laid down his life for us. When he is asked a question he answers it with a simple yes or no and then proceeds to explain his answer. I like that. However I am not extremely happy with his choice of vice pres. A couple of things. One she is a woman. I know weird coming from a woman. Two she has not had too many years experience. SO that worries me a bit since McCain is older. But I am sure she will do a fine job.

I have such a huge problem with Obama. First when he is asked a question he evades the answer by giving a song and dance. So by the time he's done you really are not 100% sure what the answer is or even remember what the question was. Just say Yes or No Obama! I don't like him because....
1. He is for gay marriage
2. he is for abortion throughout a pregnancy. That means if you are 7 months prego you CAN abort. Can you say murder!
3. He want to raise taxes
4. He is going to give illegal aliens MY social security. Ok, maybe not mine, but our current parents. With that we for sure will not have any for us when we get older.
5. He is against making English the official language of the USA. Come on we live in USA, not Korea, Mexico, Turkey or where ever. I am not saying that those who speak a foreign language can't speak it, but at least try to learn English. My friends mother is from Japan. In 9 months time she can hold a conversation with me never speaking the language before she moved here. Not that commitment. Go girl!
6. He has never served in the military of the USA. 22 years for McCain. True lover of America. That should be something all presidents have to do...serve in the military for at least 3 years.
7. He has only been in the senate for less then a year. If I am not mistaken I think McCain has been for 20 some odd years.
8. He want judges to make the laws instead of interrupting it as written in current laws. The law is the law. If we allow just anyone to make new laws as they see fit, then why even have voting.
9. He does not want to drill for oil here in USA. Does he not pay for gas?? Guess not!

So those are just a few reason I don't like Obama. I really could care less about skin color or race or gender. Who cares. If you can do the job then race or gender does not matter. I want in office an American that will stand up for our country, make the changes that need to be made so us middle class people are not loosing 1/2 our paychecks to the government. That believes in wearing the AMERICAN flag, who Will say the pledge of allegiance. I can not see a president up there in office who does not believe in America. Now I do not know Obama and what goes on in his head or where his heart is, but from some of his action....Well, lets just say, actions speak louder then words!

As for now, I will pray that God puts the right man in office. The man who will better our country, not take it down the toilet and make all the other countries laugh at us. Well, I need to step down off my high horse now.

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