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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gay Pledge Cards in Calif. Schools

Now I know allot of my friends are saying...Oh I am not worried about this homosexual thing coming to my school. I have Christian teachers. Or worst yet they are putting on the rose colored glasses and thinking it will never come to the schools here in the O.C. we are pretty conservative here in the Tustin, Orange etc. Unified School District. Well, I have news for you. It is coming down our way. It started in San Francisco (or there abouts) now it down past Sacramento and next will be LA and we are just 30 miles away from that. And this is all in less then a year!

I just read this article on Fox regarding a kindergarten teacher who had her kindergarten class sign gay pledge cards. Yea, you read it pledge cards. What these kids are pledging to is to be an ally to the gay community. Now I ask can you have a 5 year old sign a gay pledge card and not explain to them what being gay is or what a sexual preference is? So the next question is what on earth does a gay pledge card have to do with learning or school or how to read, write or do math?

Watch's coming faster then you think. Check out the article at Fox

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Anonymous said...

wow! How far will this go until there is a stop to it? It is just oo much to breath in!!!