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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Made My Own Theme Study

I am so proud of myself. After weeks of searching site after site I never found a theme study on clocks. No not one on time, but one on clocks. I ended up spending 4 days researching different sites on the subject. I found a couple great sites that gave me most of the information and then I sent 2 days more writing the study. It's 14 pages long and I even put a lap-book together with it. I can not believe it. Me...I did it. Who would of ever thought I could or would write an e-book?

So now my husband and Mom think I should try to sell it. I know I can not possibly be the only homeschool mom who has a boy who wants to learn about clocks. Well, we will see. I'm going to contact one of my favorite e-book websites...Currclick, and see if they will sell it for me. Hopefully they only take a small percentage. So for now that is in my prayers. It would be nice to make a few dollars. Who knows, maybe it will sell really good and I might make a few more
e-books for all us homeschoolers. I know there's many other e-book stores on the web. I could advertise on my blog as well as my review board and my 2 homeschool groups sites.

Well, I guess I just put together an idea for a business selling plan. Lets see if I can implement it. Wish me good luck and say a little prayer for me!

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