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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Future Belongs to Our Children

OK, so I know there is this continuous battle between the public school Christians and the Homeschooling Christians. A lot of times the public school Christians feel like us homeschoolers are calling them bad parents or bad Christians for putting their children in the Devils path. And the homeschooler feels the public schoolers are calling us stupid by throwing our un-socialized children in a bubble.

There are sooooo many reasons for people to continue public school even thought it is a publicized fact to be a broken system. Money, who has the money for private Christian school? Time, there may be reasons that both parents must work full time jobs both during the day and maybe evening too and so on. But patience is not one of them. Do you think I was born with patience enough to homeschool? NO! I learn everyday about patience and pray that God will continue to be oh so graceful in giving me an abundance of it!

There are also a lot of public school Christians that also believe that their school is full of christian teachers and that their school is still built on a christian value system. So their children are safe from all that stuff we hear has come to California. Well, I have to agree with the fact there are some schools that do have a lot of teachers that profess to be Christians, but I will say that a teacher can only teach what their superiors allow them to teach. If they say no Noah, then No Noah! As far as the school being based on Christian values. You have to ask yourself these few questions about your school before you can say that for sure. If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then really is it a Christian value system?

1. Does your school teach about creation or evolution? Now if they teach both, great. That means they believe in free will. To put ALL options on the table for the children to decide. But if they teach that evolution is a fact and never bring up any other option of where we came from other then a money or cave men, then you have to ask yourself if that is a fact you are willing to have your child drilled in his/her head for the next 12 years.

2. Does you school have a policy in place to increase awareness and acceptance towards different groups based on race, age, gender or Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals or Transgender persons? Another words, "Amy Has Two Dads", Gay Pride Day, "My Daddy Wears a Dress", During the health class they could possibly discuss sex change operations, or how about the whole Gay Pledge Card thing Is this something you want your child to have drilled for 12 years in their heads?Does God says it is OK to have a sexual partner without marriage and of the same sex?

3. Does your school have a policy in place for discrimination against, gender, races, age, disabilities, immigrations status, occupation, religion stereotyping of Gender Identification or Sexual Orientation? Not to say we should discriminate against them, beat them or hurt them however we certainly do not need to teach about the choice people make in sexual acts in school or give them any special place or privilege in our schools. What, should we start teaching about people who like to be whipped during sex or beastiality. Those are choices too. Right?

4. Does your school have a family planning policy? Another wards for the school to have free family planning available to pregnant children or some that are wanting to know about how to have sex, counseling and free condoms. All without parental consent? Or have the birds and bees discussion to your child without your permission. Who knows what Mr. Joe's view is. Could be a view of the birds and the birds or the bees and the bees or the birds and birds and bees. Get it?

5. Do you know for sure the answer to all of these questions?

OK, I know your saying, "Kristin aren't you being a little paranoid?" YES! I am raising up the future generation. That means the future president, first lady, congress men, senator, mayor or maybe just a future voter etc. So if I don't like the way the world is going today and I do not take control of what my children learn and how they are being raised, then how can I complain? I am not doing anything to change the future of our world.

Look, I know I can not possibly keep any of this stuff completely away from my children. And I would be a fool to never explain any of it to them. But at 1st grade? Or 4th grade? No! Let the kids be kids for a while. We throw movies like Hanna Montana or High School Musical at our 6 year old and expect them to stay 6? No way right? Then why would we throw sexual preference at them at 6 or 8? Why would we throw condoms at them at 6 or 10?

Please let me make it very Crystal Clear. I am in NO WAY saying you are a bad parent, a terrible Christian etc. because you choose to put your child in public school. I am not trying to make you change your mind either! I just want you to be aware that if your child comes home asking Questions or telling you there is NO God or Mommy, did you know that an ape is our cousin?, you know where it might be coming from.

I pray all the time for my friends children. Homeschooled and public schooled alike. I pray that each one will grow up with a fear and love for God like no other! And I pray for you that God will be there protecting your children from the evil ones hands! Whether you homeschool or public school, just remember your child could make a difference in the future of our world with what you teach them today!

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