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Friday, November 14, 2008

Spears Art Studio, inc.

Art can be a touchy subject to teach I think. Why you ask? Because at a young age, say 3-8 years old or so, you want to keep it fun, but still get some basic art concepts taught and some art appreciation too. Yet you have to be careful not to bore the heck out of the kids or make it to easy or too hard for them. Now that’s a hand full!

Spears Art Studio keeps art and crafting fun for the kids. Each month they have a theme that usually goes with the holiday or the season for that month. It all begins with a 16 page teacher notes section explaining basic art concepts and how to teach it as well as a supply list, background resources for artwork, writing prompts, educational and theme objectives and then all weekly themes have one or more Scriptures as a foundation. Many activities have additional Scriptures as a foundation for that activity oh and did I mention an art lesson too!

Now here are the things I really liked most of all. For that week you have a kindergarten lesson and a lesson for 1st through 8th grade. Each one related to the other except skill level builds upon itself from grade to grade and year to year. And best of all it is Biblically based. Spears Art Studio uses scripture verses in every lesson plan. And best of all you can apply this curriculum without having to purchase expensive art supplies.

Now there were a few things that I would want to see maybe added. I have to admit I have a lot of e-books and I enjoy them tremendously. Some times though if the e-book is not laid out right it is work to find things you are looking for. It can be especially hard if each chapter of the book is in a separate pdf. file. I ended up printing the Teacher instructions as well as the lessons I was currently working on so as to have them at hand instead of reading them from several different pdf. files. What I personally would rather see is the entire e-book in one pdf. file with a table of contents that is interactive. That way you can go back and forth with a click of the mouse in the table of contents to the teacher notes then to the study for the day etc. No printing required
Also the teacher is expected to demonstrate the configuration of animals from basic shapes. Drawing things just from a simple direction like that is not going to be effortless for some parents. However, with a little practice all is possible.

Overall, both my children, 3 and 6, loved the crafts and art projects in this curriculum. If you are looking for an easy well-rounded art curriculum for your homeschool or even for a traditional school, I think you might want to try Spears Art Studio Inc.

Spears Art Studio curriculum package on CD is for grades K-8, which costs $44.95. They also have available curriculum for High School Art Survey, Beginning Calligraphy (I plan on getting this one) and Children’s Literature Study Guides.

My son's picture

Score 8 1/2 out of 10

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Tajuana said...

I stopped over here from the crew! Your son did a great job on his picture. Awesome way to show off what that art program has to offer :-)