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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Salem Ridge Books

I was sent three books, The American Twins of the Revolution, Glaucia the Greek Slave and Mary Jane all by Salem Ridge Press. Believe it or not a homeschool teenager who wanted to bring some of that old wonderful literature from the days gone by started this company. This is one company that produces books that you can feel safe handing to your children and know they will be edifying to the Lord and CLEAN!!! Salem Ridge Press has some very strict procedures for showing relationships between a boy and a girl. There is absolutely NO kissing and everyone must have a modest clothing, if there are transactions going on they are done in a Christian like manner and there is no offensive language.

The American Twins of the Revolution is $12.95 and is based on a true story of the American Revolution! It’s a delightful and since it is based on a true story you could do a unit study utilizing the book as one of the readers.
Glaucia the Greek Slave is $14.95; This book had a wonderful message in it. One of the great things about this book is that new words are defined at the bottom of the page. Pretty cool. It was a great book and one of my favorites
Mary Jane, Her Book $12.95; The scenario is that of Mary Jane a little and her daily fun and learning adventures. This book was written more for younger crowd, however I started to read it to my boy, 6, and I think it was a bit too girly for him, so I read the rest by myself.

I highly recommend you check out Salem Ridge for some early Christmas book shopping.

Score 10 out of 10

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