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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot Topic for Discussion

Now I think most people would agree that when a certain gene in an animal is not used over an extremely long period of time that the gene goes dormant. Would you say that in the animal kingdom most male animals find a female animal to procreate so that their species can live on and not die out? Would you say that most animals in the animal kingdom when wanting to procreate they always choose a mate of the opposite sex? Would you agree to most or all of that? OK if you agree then read on.

Alright, here is where the hot topic comes in. I know many people out there who really believe that homosexuals are born gay. That they do not have a choice. That they were handed this gene and they have to live with it. I know many Christians who believe in the Bible as perfect truth, believe in God and also believe this sin. Well let me shed a little light on this subject from a different point of view.

Lets take a step into evolution (a whole subject on it own) and say we really were once cave men and monkeys etc and if us humans are truly part of the animal kingdom as the scientists say we are, then the drive to procreate would be extremely strong. Right?????So now lets say that this gay gene is a gene. How is it that since we agree that certain genes that are not useful die out of the animal kingdom and how come this gene did not die out of us. Would you agree that there really is no use for it. It does not help to repopulate our world, right?

If you have 1000 people and 1/4 have a gay gene and they do not have children and then another 1/4 were gay and did not have children and so on, wouldn't it be feasible to say that our current population would eventually cease to exist due to the fact that just by nature a gay couple are not physically able to have a baby? Yes I know currently they can adopt, but from the beginning of time there was no such thing as adoption as it is in the terms today.

OK lets step back into my world now. In the Bible God dislike a lot of stuff, but there are only 2 things that He detests. Homosexuality/Sodomy and Witch Craft/Magic. So if God is a loving God and cares for all His children so much then how could He makes something that He Himself DETESTS? How is it that a girl at age 17 decides she is gay, then a year later says she is not and has a baby, then decides to become gay again? How is it that our bodies by nature are not made to be man with man or woman with woman. Think about it. It just does not fit together, literally. (Lev 18:22 and 20:13)

Lets call it by its true name. SIN! I was not born FAT. I was born with sin. I chose to put the food in my mouth over the years. Absolutely I could say I was born with a gene to be fat. It is a battle I deal with on a daily basis almost my whole life. But the real name for it is... I am a gluten and a sinner! Absolutely there are people who may have a predisposition to this lifestyle due to lack of father figure or maybe they were raised in a home like that or who knows. I am not saying that all fatherless sons and gay parent children become gay. But the sex drive in us animals is strong at a very young age.

Think about baby boys. What is the first thing a new mom finds out when changing her baby boy for the first couple of times. His penis is hard all the time. This is also why big burly he men that would never in a million years touch another man turn to homosexuality in jail. Why, the drive to procreate or have sex. Do they continue this lifestyle when they get out of jail? I would have to say No!

Our world is Topsy turvy. In the 1500's when our country was founded, we would have never thought twice about imprisoning a person that would do such an act as homosexuality. We openly believed in God and taught it to our children in our homeschooling (no public schools then). When the public school came to be in the late 1800's we thought nothing of teaching our children to read, write and do math. We never would have added all this junk in the disguise of tolerance that has nothing to do with education. We said prayer before and after school.

Today we teach about sex (Molly had two dads is going to raise the ???) to 1st grader under the guise of tolerance to the homosexuals. We (in some schools) no longer say the pledge under the guise of tolerance to other religions. We learn about mayors because of their sexual preference not because they did anything extraordinary for our country. We vote for a president due to skin color, white or black. What is wrong here. Is it the end times as written in Revelation? I don't know. Unfortunately God did not decide to give me insight to that and I certainly am not one to run around preaching it the end times.

Well, with all that said. I hope I have given you some food for thought for those of you who just were on the fence of whether it is a gene or a decision. I am in no way trying to persuade you to change your mind, not to say I wouldn't mind. But one day the truth will prevail and one of us will be very disappointed in ourselves for letting the Devil deceive us all those years. All any of us can do is pray and ask God to open our eyes to the truth. He will if we just ask!

OK now I have stepped on some toes of somebody who may catch a glimpse of this site for the first time and really believes the opposite that I do, but I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and that His Word is the absolute truth and can be taken 100% literally! That sin is sin and by no other name can we call it. That sin comes from Satan the deceiver and that the one thing he wants to do is keep us from the truth. The more young children he can get into believing this story of a homosexual gene the better for Satan.

Oh, by the way. You may think by reading this that I hate gays or I am a homophobic. I am not! My very best friend, who is now dead of aids, was a homosexual. He got married in his homosexual church and I went to his wedding, even thought it was not a legal act at that time. I went to many of his parties where my husband and I were one of a few straight people there. At his funeral there was a gay pastor (don't understand that one. I guess she missed the whole sodomy thing in the bible) and I prayed with her over his ashes. So please do not tell me that I am homophobic. Homosexual or not, your true name is human and all humans should be treated with the utmost respect no matter what sex life they decide to choose!

So with all that said, Is it a gene or a choice? I know what God says!


Luke said...

Interesting evolutionary commentary, but just because something is less than beneficial does not mean it totally goes away... which may be another fatal flaw to the whole macro-progressive-evolutionary idea [smile].

But there is growing scientific evidence that points to at least a biological link to homosexuality. But whether or not that turns out to be true, I ask: So what??

Maybe it's because you're so passionate about this and slipped into a slight "rant" mode [smile] (I do it all the time) but I would like to at least question a few of your statements just to keep everything straight [smile].

For example:

"[The Bible] can be taken 100% literally!"

While I agree that the Bible is 100% true, I wouldn't say that it is 100% literal. If it were, how can we have so many passages in Proverbs that directly contradict each other? Do you think that there will literally be a dragon in the end times? Is Jesus literally a vine? Such statements lead to debates about Transubstantiation, and I just want to make sure you've considered your statement.

Also, you said, "Is it a gene or a choice? I know what God says!"

And while I agree that sin is a choice, I don't know anywhere where God said homosexuality wasn't a gene. In fact, the whole ambiguity of God giving people up/over to sin makes me wonder if that's not some sort of biological shift.

Not saying it is, but I do wonder where you read that God said homosexuality is not a gene.

You said this was a hot topic for discussion, so I'm trying to continue the dialog [smile]. Thanks so much for starting it!


Kristin said...

First let me say, Thank you for commenting. Sorry it took me a few days to comment back. My computer was down and I just realized tonight I had a comment to check. Yea :) I love to hear other peoples opinion on just about anything. Not to argue, but to make sure that I see all sides of the picture. To make me think about and review my opinions.

As far as taking the Bible as 100%. Absolutely!. Yes He uses parables, and they are VERY VERY obvious. But when it says 7 days, its 7 days, as an example. He does not use some fancy form of poetry or a parable to explain the 7 days of creation, He clearly says 7 days! Math. 13 is an example of a obvious parable. Luke 8:10 tell us that the keys to heaven are right there in front of us, but God will put it in obvious parables so the seeing may not see and the hearing may not hear.

Ok, so you ask why does God make it so some will not understand? Heck if I knew that I would probably be in heaven right now. :) He has His reasons and we, as we profess to be Christians, must put our complete faith in the fact that He knows what He is doing just as our children put their faith in us parents.

My Hermeneutic is that of 100% belief in the Bible as perfect and God breathed. Without mistake and can be used as sound doctrine for life. That God is an infallible God and therefore he would not allow for His word to have mistakes. By saying His word has wholes or has contradictions or anything along those lines is like saying that God can make a mistake and in Himself is a contradiction. If a Christian believes in God and creation, then why once they get past the creation or the ark (or where ever their disbelief begins) do they have a hard time believing that ALL the Bible is 100% true? Even as a child I never could understand that and let me say I did not grow up a Christian, but knew there was something wrong with that.

Now as far as the gene thing. First lets talk about the word gene. No such word, I would think, 3000 or 5000 years ago. Just like the word computer or maybe Mitro Valve Prolapsed (spelling??) even. So, we have to look at what He says about sin. That sin is a Choice. Agree? If sin is a choice and he calls homosexuality or as the Bible says, unnatural relations with women who were inflamed with lust with one another and men committing indecent acts with other men. Doesn't sound like a Gene to me. Sounds like a sin which is a choice.

Romans 1:18-31 (mainly 26)
Paul clearly talks about the downward spiral of man. How man no longer takes Gods word for what it is intended to be and how we are to live by His word. Also by giving it up man has increased the sins of malice, deceit, envy, murder, sexual act with same sex partners etc. In 1:26 it clearly states ..."there is due penalty for this perversion!" God calls it a perversion and a sin. Clearly stating that in Romans that sin is a choice not a gene. Throughout Genesis it talks about sin as being a choice.

Cancer is not a sin, but it is a gene (I know most of my family has died of it). Lung cancer is not a sin, but the act of smoking will certainly receive due penalty for it. He does not call leprosy a sin but a disease (1Kings 5:1 as an example). And with all of those things God does not detest it like he does indecent perverted sexual acts. For goodness sakes, he burnt down Sodom!

Hey I am absolutely NO SCHOLAR!!! Don't claim to be. But I do know that it is pretty darn clear that sin is a choice and perverted sexual acts are a sin. Satan has a hold on us all. His goal is to make every Christian doubt and every Christian have a secular worldview instead of a biblical worldview. Satan can not force us to sin because we have been given choice, but he sure can make sin look good or look like a gene!

Oh My Goodness! Ok, so when I started this reply I really did not intend for it to be this long LOL! Oh well, get me going and this is what you get. Anyway, thank you for making me think once again about my opinion and my Hermeneutic!

Luke said...

Oh my, I haven't checked up the comments on this post in a while. I'm so glad I did [smile].

Thanks for writing back. I appreciate you taking the time to share your extended thoughts with me.

Good stuff with the allusion to the passage where some people are hearing by never hear the real message. That's a good point.

And I agree that sin is always a choice. My point, with the post I wrote a while back and linked to in my initial comment, is that even if it is a gene... it's still a choice. We all have predispositions to different things, but that does not excuse our choice. And so I'm not bothered by the growing evidence for a "gay gene." If it turns out to be true, that doesn't change the fact that it's still a choice.

Good stuff. Thanks again for responding, and I'm sorry I hadn't checked back for an update sooner [smile].


Kristin said...

You are ABSOLUTLY right. If there is such a thing as a gene, it sure does not make homosexuality any less of a sin. Great example...the "fat" gene. You may have the genetics to possibly be fat, but it is your choice to eat like a glutton, which somehow I am guilty of way too many times then I would like to admit! :(

Great comments. Thank you. Glad to hear you agree about sin being a choice! Hey, have a great, joyous and Christ filled Christmas!!!!