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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Alphabet Alley

You have to check out these absolutely cute and perfect for Christmas games I got to review. Now, first I have to be honest about one thing. When I got these to review, I thought that this was going to be about the same quality as I can get in the $.99 store. Boy was I wrong! The Two by Two Matching Game is so sturdy! My daughter (3) is a destructive force when it comes to things like tiles for games. I cannot tell you how many cards and tiles have been ripped in our household. But this one is perfect for her. She had an easy time of picking them up and she loved the cute little Noah’s ark pictures on the tiles. And for $10.99, that’s not bad for a great learning game, and don’t forget a great Christmas gift.

We also received the Noah’s Ark Go Fish . I have to admit that it took a bit for my daughter to grasp the concept of Go fish. We have never played it with her, but with the help of my son (6) she caught on quickly and really enjoyed the game. The cards are much larger then your normal playing cards, thicker and sturdier. And guess what? She did not bend them! Yea! I am buying a set for my nephew for Christmas who is the same age as my daughter. I know he will love them too. My goodness, for $5.99 who can go wrong?!

You know what I really like? Alphabet Alley is a faith-based company that produces high quality toys for the early childhood learner. Yes that’s right, they are faith based. For my family that is always a huge plus! Go to Alphabet Alley. They have soooo many other cute gifts for the kids on your Christmas list this year and all with in a reasonable budget!

Score 10 out of 10

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