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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Math Mammoth

Maria Miller is the author of the Math Mammoth, which is a series of math workbooks that are available in e-book format. Now first let me say that I am in no way a math genius nor do I know how to teach math well without some help from a good core curriculum. With that said, one of the things I liked about Math Mammoth is the fact that you can sign up for her informative emails. When you sign up you will receive 6 how to teach math articles, 280 bonus worksheets, and a few emails that explain her books.

I think if you, the teacher, know math well, and for the student who is really loves math, this is the curriculum for you. The worksheets have a basic explanation on “how to” do the problems and the answer key provides the answers to the problems with no solutions. Since I am NOT mathematically endowed, as my children get older and the math gets harder (algebra), I would have to spend time figuring out the “how to” get to the solution of the problems.

Right now this curriculum is a pretty good match for my son (6) especially when we will need a bit more practice with an individual concept. The modules are set up into learning topics (a new concept being introduced and then practiced) instead of progressive learning (a new concept introduced, then only given a few problems to go with the new concept then reviewing from previous lessons). Depending on you and your child this could be a great way of learning for you.

Her prices vary depending on whether you buy a single unit, entire color series, partial series or buy it all! For more EXACT pricing, please visit her website. Math Mammoth has 4 main workbook groups to choose from. Here is an example of her choices.

The Blue Series: grades1-5, somewhat self teaching, Each book concentrates on a few topics only, such as addition & subtraction, multiplication, clock, fractions, division, geometry, etc. They are especially good for remedial or supplemental work - whenever your student needs extra help on some particular topic. Price example: $3.00 per unit to $65.00 for the whole series

Light Blue Series: grade 1-4, somewhat self-teaching, The Light Blue series covers all topics for a given grade level. Each grade level includes two parts of a work text (A and B), tests, an answer key, and a worksheet maker. Price example: $14.00 to $81.00 (for entire series).

Golden Series: grades 3-8, contains problems only, these are workbooks or worksheet collections, which provide very variable problems in a convenient one-topic per sheet format. Golden Series books are great for class work or homework, for general review, reinforcement, or practice material. Price example: $50.00 for the entire series

Green Series: grade 3-8, contains problems only, Math Mammoth green series brings you workbooks by topic. These are pulled out of Golden Series collections so there are duplicate contents. This makes excellent practice material for teachers and parents who wish to have worksheets on certain topics. Price example: $50.00 for the entire series.

Score 7 1/2 out of 10

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have been wanting to try this, but money is always an issue and I have been waiting till someone I knew tried it first. Love your reviews!