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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, this review was a little tough for me. Why you ask? Because I already have a preset idea about computer based schools. I am not extremely happy with a child spending their school day on the computer. I also prefer to be a little more hands on with assigning my children’s schoolwork and choice of curriculum. And I like to be able to physically see the work sheets or writing assignments and know for sure that they are not playing around but are really doing the work I have set for them.
I prefer to have a Christian based curriculum. Yes, I still teach my children about secular things in life like evolution etc, but the basis of their curriculum is God honoring. Time4Learning does have some evolution in their science subjects and some culturally and age related humor that may not be appealing or acceptable to some parents such as nose picking, etc. So now with that bias said, and a hope of being able to put it aside for a month or so, I set forth to do the best review I possibly could.

Children learn by having fun. Every homeschooler and teacher knows this. That is what Time4Learning strives for. While they are on the computer I really think they do not realize that they are in the midst of school time. They are just playing games and learning at the same time. I think this would really help a child with learning disabilities greatly!

Time4Learning is for preschool all the way to 8th grade. They offer language arts and language arts extensions, math, some science, and some social studies. The lessons are BEAUTIFULLY animated and very interactive and are up to government standards. If you have a child who loves computers or computer games, they might really enjoy this program very much. I know my son had a great time with it and we used it for 2 weeks in place of our regular core curriculum. Time4Learning could be used as a core curriculum or as a supplement, which is how we are using it now.

My son, 6, loved this program and had fun with it, however I did find that there were times he got stuck because he was off in lala land, day dreaming and did not listen to the instructions. Then he would sit there for 15 minutes just staring off into space until I would ask if he was stuck. For my son, this kind of schooling would be more supplemental then it would be a core curriculum.

My daughter, 3, had a rough time with Time4learning at first. The mouse action of click/hold/drag was a little much for her to comprehend at first. However, when I sat with her and did some of the mouse movements for her until she learned them, she sure enjoyed Time4Learning. And now she has a much better grasp of how to use the mouse with the click/hold/drag movement.

Overall, I was quite surprised at how much I actually liked the program and how user friendly it is. But, that old bias of having to be in control of the assignments and curriculum choice still holds true in my heart. We will for sure use Time4Learning, but as a supplemental game time for my son only.

Depending on your budget the cost of Time4Learning may be an advantage or a disadvantage. Time4learning is $19.95 per month, and each additional child is $14.95. If you consider the cost of some of the other on line schools or even a tutor it is practical. I recommend Time 4 Learning to those who are not control freaks like me and who don’t mind their children being on the computer for extended amounts of time. Hey at the least go try it out for a complementary lesson. It cannot hurt and you might find your kid loves it!

Score 8 out of 10

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