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Monday, December 8, 2008

Core Learning Art Studio

Core Learning publishes teaching software for math, language arts, health, and art, all for elementary to the Jr. High school grades.

Crayola Art Studio is the simplest and most complete computer based art program I have ever seen for children. Most of the drawing functions and their tools are in an easy to find toolbar that have symbols not words. This is so easy that even the real young user like my daughter (3) can find what she wants. Crayola Art Studio’s drawing tools are very cool. If you use the crayons, they draw like a crayon, If you use watercolor, they bleed just like a true watercolor would etc.

Ok now I have to tell you what is the absolute best thing I like about this program. There are 2 programs. One for the older kids with lots and lots of drawing tools and one for the younger kids that is a little more simplified. My daughter (3) spent 30 minutes playing around with the stickers and shapes. I had to pull the computer away from her so my son could get a try. My son, who is an artist, absolutely LOVED this program. He has created some beautiful drawings for us. The best part, they are saved on the computer instead of printing every little dot that’s drawn.
I HIGHLY recommend the Crayola Art Studio for your child. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for anyone (adults too) who loves to draw. Oh and did I mention…NO MESSY paints, markers, stickers on the furniture etc. And then you do not need to worry about storing all the real life pens, paints, paper etc and worry about the mess and the caps being off the pens and the paints spilling and so on and son on. Go for it. It’s only $24.95. That’s not bad for a whole art studio. It would cost you 4 or 5 times that to buy all the stuff for your craft collection.

Score 10 out of 10

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