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Monday, December 29, 2008


I was really excited to review Kinderbach since I am a singer and teach the children’s choir at my church. First let me say that this program is geared towards the very young child who does not have any type of music training. My son, 6, did like the program, however he was quit a head of the program since I have been teaching him music for the past year or more. My daughter, 3, liked the graphics and the music and singing a lot. She found this program to be fun and pretty easy to follow.

Karri McGregor is the creator of Kinderbach online lessons with printable activity sheets that reinforce the activities they learn online as well as give them some extra practice after their lesson. She teaches music theory and note reading, and the children actually get to play the piano during a lesson. The curriculum can be done online or she has a DVD that you can purchase if you have dial up. Frisco and his friendly donkey, Dodi, teach basic musical concepts. Kinderbach is an extremely cute and helpful method of piano teaching for very young children.

The online Learning Center has about 300 sessions as well as the PDF files for the activity pages. This costs $14.95 per month. This is about 2 years of instruction for 2-7 year olds. They also have a free trial for two weeks that you might want to check out.

Score 8 out of 10

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